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Now Available at our Appleton location

1. Start a new mobile or web order

Download the Holidays Pub mobile app for iOS or Android to begin a new order.

…Or click the button below to place a new online order through your web browser.
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2. Choose a Pickup Time

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Select the time you’d like to pickup your order using our Holidays Hub Contactless Pickup. 

3. Place Your Order

Add your selections to your cart and complete your purchase.

When your order is ready for pickup, a text message will be sent to the provided number with the code to unlock the Holidays Hub.

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4. Pickup Your Order

holidays hub
  1. Arrive at our Appleton location. The Holidays Hub is located at the back entrance of the building – look for a reserved parking space for Hub pick-up orders.

  2. Enter the PIN code (or scan the QR code) at the Holidays Hub screen. The door will automatically open for access to your order.

  3. Remove your order and ENJOY!